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Enhance Your Organization's Cyber Hygiene and Safeguard Your Valuable Assets

Cyber hygiene refers to the best practices your organization uses daily to meet cybersecurity regulations, take proactive security steps, and provide ongoing education/upskilling. Our courses address cybersecurity risks and help build a secure organization

Ask yourself:

To guide you in answering these questions, we introduce our Security Taskforce Questionnaire. Ideal for individuals or teams, this tool covers a wide variety of security topics. It can assist you in assessing your current security posture and identifying areas for improvement.

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Cybersecurity - Protecting Yourself and Your Organization

Equipped with insights from the questionnaire, you can better navigate our course offerings. A great place to start is our Cybersecurity - Protecting Yourself and Your Organization course. This one-hour-long course is a valuable part of your annual employee education compliance requirement. Discover more about Cybersecurity - Protecting Yourself and Your Organization and our other courses below:

Upskill Your IT Staff

LearnKey offers comprehensive e-learning courseware mapped to certification objectives: CompTIA ITF+, A+, Network+, Security+, Azure, IT Specialist, and CISSP.

Educate and upskill your organization and employees with easy access to our online cybersecurity courses!